With a masthead, the advertiser can reserve:

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With a masthead, the advertiser can reserve:

The YouTube homepage.

Specific videos.

Specific channels.

All of the listed answers are correct.

The correct answer is:

The YouTube homepage.

With a masthead, the advertiser can reserve:

The YouTube Masthead is a customizable 970×250 ad that runs on the top of the desktop YouTube homepage for 24 hours.

Masthead ads are reservation based ads. You can run ads on the YouTube homepage.

Read more here: https://support.google.com/partners/answer/6030919?hl=en

As an advertiser or ad agency, you can buy placements on a reservation basis–instead of through the AdWords auction–when you want to pay based on the number of impressions (also known as cost-per-thousand impressions) or per day (cost-per-day). Reservation campaigns also let you buy impressions at a fixed rate.

Advertising on a reservation basis is best for promoting brand awareness, for instance, if you’re trying to enter a new market, offering a new product or service, or re-branding a product or service.

About reservation campaigns
Google’s advertising team implements reservation campaigns.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Reservation campaigns have minimum spend requirements.
Advertisers booking Masthead ads are encouraged to participate in a kick-off call with our technical team to get specs, turnaround times, and campaign expectations.
Our advertising team sends weekly campaign performance reports for your review. You can then request targeting changes to help improve ad performance.
Benefits of advertising on a reservation basis
More control: You can buy impressions at a fixed rate.
High visibility: You can run ads on the YouTube homepage.
Brand awareness: You can reach a wide audience. For example, if your client is changing its image or slogan, or targeting a different audience, you can launch a campaign to more people than you might reach via an auction-based campaign.
Buying reservation advertising
Advertisers and agencies can buy reservation advertising on a fixed, cost-per-thousand-impressions (CPM) or fixed cost-per-day (CPD) basis. You can work with the Google advertising team to get a rate estimate and campaign impression goals.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

A CPM campaign has to be booked at least six business days in advance, and creative assets need to be delivered for implementation at least four business days before the campaign start date.
A CPD campaign has to be booked a couple weeks in advance, and creative assets need to be delivered nine business days in advance.
Here are the ad formats you can buy on a CPM basis:
Standard in-stream: This is a non-skippable format that plays before a video. It’s ideal if you want to communicate a simple, powerful message and get visibility. It forces the impression and won’t accrue views on the video. Standard in-stream ads can be a maximum of 15 or 30 seconds. Those that are a maximum of 30 seconds can run only on long-form videos (10 minutes or longer).
In-stream Select: This skippable ad appears when someone starts a video (pre-roll). It can be up to 60 seconds long, and it’s skippable after 5 seconds. This format increments the view count on the YouTube video ad. Whether or not the ad is skipped, the advertiser pays on a CPM basis. Learn more about in-stream video ads.
Here are the ad formats you can buy on a CPD basis:
Desktop custom Masthead: This is a 970 x 250 pixel, in-page unit that spans the full width of the YouTube homepage below the navigation bar. This unit, which can include a video, can drive brand relevant activity and an increase in branded search. Learn more about desktop custom Mastheads.
Desktop universal video Masthead: This is a 780 x 195 that runs on the YouTube homepage. It includes a video on one side and an information panel or a flash/image panel on the other. The flash/image panel can optionally expand/close when someone clicks on/closes it. Learn more about desktop universal video Mastheads.
Mobile video Masthead: This unit appears on the homepage of all YouTube mobile and tablet properties, including the Android native mobile app, the iOS app, and m.youtube.com for smartphones and tablets. It features a video thumbnail, channel icon, and customizable headline and description. Learn more about mobile video Mastheads.
Targeting ads
Here are the content and audience targeting options for reservation ads that you can buy on a CPM basis:

Topics: Advertisers can choose among YouTube video topics. For example, you can run reservation CPM ads on family-oriented content.
Interests: Advertisers can target viewers interested in particular things, like sports and hobbies, as evidenced by their browsing patterns and watched content.
Affinity audiences: You can reach people who’ve demonstrated interest in subjects and who are likely to view related content again. This type of targeting also facilitates connection with audiences that are similar to those targeted by offline campaigns.
Demographics: You can reach customers who are likely to be within the demographic groups you choose. These groups include age and gender.
First position: This layer of targeting can be added to in-stream ads (there’s a CPM up-charge). It lets you reserve the first video ad someone sees in a session. This is similar to what happens in TV advertising, when an advertiser pays more to run the first ad of a commercial break.

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With a masthead, the advertiser can reserve:
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